Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breaking Stuff, Building Stuff, Avoiding Stuff

One day I thought, I will take a hammer to my wall and make a little storage room under my stairs. Yes, this was a good thought. So I found the hammer, which is usually either in one of the drawers in my kitchen, or somewhere in the yellow bag o' tools. The hammer was next to the yellow bag o' tools. Of course.

And so I commenced said hammering while all my children stood in amazement. Saying encouraging things such as, "Dad is going to be mad.", "Does Dad know about this?", and "Wait 'til Dad sees this." Apparently my children think their mother just goes Willy Nilly Whatever She Wants Sometimes. Oh, please.

Nah, he didn't know. But one time we talked about accessing that space. So that's pretty much approval right there. And plus, he doesn't have to lift a finger, it's all my job. And that's the way I like my projects. Control issues? Ummm... maybe.

So now I have it pounded out and vacuumed up with the beautiful shop-vac I purchased on Black Friday Morning from Home Depot. I used much restraint to stick to my list in that place. I'm like a fat kid in a candy store in there. I Want Everything.

The thing is, I'm supposed to be writing. Working on my novels. And look at me right now, writing a blog entry. Avoid much? Okay, but I also have a kiddo home with me today. And I'm cutting up shelves so I can finish the project. And it's snowing, kind of. And I haven't seen the sun today. And me working on a project means my house isn't getting the attention it needs.

But. I did send out 10 pages for my critique group today. Of course, that doesn't add to my word count. Dangit.

Plus also, and including another excuse for my writing negligence, I got Ally Condie's book, Matched, in the mail today. And I want to read it!!! Wah. Wah. Wah.

Time to use the Skill Saw now.

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  1. I'm like the kids--what DID he say?

    I wish I could come and watch and learn...