Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eat Pray Love and Take a Nap (spoiler alert)

In general, I like Julia Roberts. But I just have to say, her lips distract me. I find myself ignoring the story and staring at the oddity on her face. Have they always been that big? Did she pull a Meg Ryan?

Anyway - back to the movie. I completely sided with her husband. How about some communication, Julia? How about you mention throughout the years that you're not happy instead of all of a sudden leaving? And then you sack up with a boy? And seriously... that guy? The Spiderman mean guy? I'm sure the book held much more detail. But I'm talking just the movie here.

Then we have clap, clap, travel to Rome, India, Bahli, and meditate. Yes, meditation will help you - find yourself. Gag. Ick. And lame. How about we just all open our minds and forgive ourselves for bailing on our marriage, committing adultery, and running away from our responsibilities? Oh, I feel so much better.

Yes, there are tears, Julia. Because you're an idiot for looking for a sign from an old guy with no teeth who reads your palm. Let me tell you something lady, there are plenty of "signs" for infidelity. Plenty of selfish reasons to think you as an individual are more important than your commitments. Pull up your big girl panties and work on your marriage.

But no, you run away and hook up with Felipe who has so much in common with you - you're both divorced, ooh, that's a rare thing to find nowadays. And he owns an island? And a boat? And he's Brazilian? Yes, this non-commitment, commitment is SO much better. And don't worry, you won't ever have disagreements with Felipe, you won't ever have to WORK on your relationship. Living in la la land is great.

So - in conclusion, I did not like the characters, did not like the story line, and did not like that I wasted my time waiting for something to make sense.

Good news is, if you need help falling asleep, slide this one into the dvd player.

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